Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10 things

Many of you will be finding this for the first time.  This has been my journal for the past few months as I sort through my thoughts and flush out my feelings.  I kept it to myself, mostly because I was still processing things and also because I wasn't sure it was something to share at all.   It's personal, it's my life, my husband's life, my children's life, spilled out on a blog and mostly un-edited.  It is truth, feelings, and not always pretty or simple.  Some days it might be "fine" and other days it's a mess.

I decided to share it though. To share the fine, and the mess.  Share it because there are days when I stumble onto someones blog, or a book, or an article that makes me feel less alone.  Some things that gives me hope, or joy, or a simple acknowledgement that life is sometimes hard..  Momastary is one of those sites, the author, Glennon reminded me that I love to write and so I started writing. Next I remembered that sharing was also something that I loved to do.  Sharing with other parents who are desperately trying to raise their children up in the way that they should go.  So, I decided that now that I am showing this to family and friends (instead of mostly random people who stumble upon it) I will do something that Glennon from Momastary did.  I will write 10 things about me.  She wrote 20, but most of you know me and I am lazy so I will try to do 10 that you don't know. Some of you know me too well for any surprises but welcome anyway.

Once you read my 10 things, please look at my older post, especially my first few as they are the most special to me.  I wrote under a different account for awhile so it may show up a little funny.   If you have friends who have children on the autism spectrum please share my blog. I am not telling people how to parent, or saying my way is right.  I am just stumbling along and trying to figure it out as I go. I would love for this to be a place of community.   If it turns out that nobody has anything to say then I will just continue writing for myself because I love journaling.  I can't promise it will be everyday, because life is busy and and I am a scatter brained procrastinator, but when I show up it will be with all my heart. Also, I must apologize for grammar and spelling errors.  There will be many. 

Ten Things about Me

1. I once lived without electricity, and while I would surely miss the internet, I really do miss the flicker of a kerosene lamp and the sound of my father's acoustic guitar strumming. 

2. My beautiful nine year old daughter was officially diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome this summer, but I have known in my heart longer than that.  It has opened doors, windows, and stairways into amazing discoveries for our family.

3. I have a dog as big as a pony. Really.

4.  I love Jesus and it will come up here.  I am not trying to be preachy or make you uncomfortable.  He is my strength, courage, and heart and without Him I would be a terrible mess. 

5.  My Son is basically Tigger with a heart of gold.  Some say ADHD (attention deficiit/hyperactivity disorder), some say SPD (sensory processing disorder) I suspect a little aspie (aspergers) but whatever he is I say he is Joy!  OK, maybe explosive joy with a side of ummmm exhausting.

6.  My husband, the talkative, super-outgoing, non-stop energy guy.... is an Aspie too! He is just VERY good at acting like a neurotypical.  We are still untangling all the mysteries that happen when a neurotypical (non-aspergers) and an Aspie fall in love and get married, and have kids.   He has helped me be more organized and I have helped him with....something?  Two halves make a whole and that must have been the idea between matching us up.  End of story. 

7.  I want to learn to play the banjo.  Every time I listen to Mumford and Sons (a lot recently/love the new CD) I just crave to play it.  I have zero musical talent but I do own a banjo.   Anyone want to give me lessons?

8. When I clean the bathrooms I feel as if I have climbed the top of Mount Everest and I am always shocked that nobody presents me with a medal or award of some sort.  (Mom's of boys you MUST know what I am talking about.)  My husband usually does thank me however, but still...I want an AWARD!!!

9.  I am super frugal and mostly shop at thrift stores.  I also have crazy good luck and find wonderful things and almost always what I need.  I do this not only to save money, but also to reduce waste.  AKA I'm sort of a hippie.

10.  I have a heart for the homeless, and orphans, and pets without homes.  I am pretty sure I would take them all into my home except that we don't have that big of a house and my husband seems to be more of a rational person.  (Like I said, we were put together for a reason.)  My dream someday is to adopt or foster children but for now I am fully challenged and blessed with the two that we have.