Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm hunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngry

What if a mother decided  not to buy any processed snack food for the entire summer?  Would there be a riot? Would the children starve? Would the kids run around licking trashed Dorito bags from the dumpster? That is exactly what I did and what I am going to discover the answer to by September.

I had this thought, I live in Oregon, the best place on earth for getting fresh fruit and berries and veggies all summer long.  Why in the world am I feeding my kids processed carbs all day long?   I buy the organic "healthy" snacks.  However sugar and flour is still sugar and flour even if it's organic fair trade.

Next came my crazy idea, what if I just didn't buy it?  So I presented it to my husband and he also thought it was a good idea.  So now, this is what our pantry and kitchen has for snacks:
 (keep in mind we have been doing this for two weeks, we shall see if we make it till summer. I am hopeful.)

Every week we will go to the farm to pick out fruit and berries. I will also buy veggies and hope that the kids are starving enough to want them.  We will gather what we can from the land and our yard.

If we feel like it's time for a treat we will make it ourselves.  Today the kids helped me bake sandwich bread (with the bread machine) and donuts.  Did you know there is such thing as a donut pan?  I do now! Yumm.

If we need a non fruit/veggie snack we will make popcorn or have sunflower seeds or nuts.

Somehow we still have to get corn chips for Husbands salsa because he thought it absurd that he give that up.   I suggested he make them.... he looked at me like I'm crazy.   It's true, I am.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Countdown to Summer!

 Some parents are dreading the upcoming day when the school will no longer take their children from 8:30-2:45 each weekday.  They wake in a sweat at the impending doom of boredom and chaos. After that last bell rings it will begin. For weeks on end the children will tear through the house trashing it like little bandits and then demanding that you help them find their prized toy in the rubble.

    Call me crazy but I am looking forward to it.   It could be partly because each day my son moans and groans and protests the schools required attendance.  It could be because I dislike driving and my daily trek takes me 20 minutes across town each way.  Mostly though, it's because I love boredom and chaos.  It's the place where inventions are made, joy is found, and  people grow.

Without schedules and time we tend to squirm and get nervous. (Well, not me...but most people)   Next thing you know the kids are saying the B word (b as in bored, hopefully not the other one) and while it may make you want to scream, especially when it comes after "Mooooooooooooooom I'm sooooooo..."  I like to reply, "That is fantastic!"  People think of wonderful things when they are bored.  It means you have nothing stopping you from dreaming, no time line, no racing off to the next activity.  You can just sit, and think, and imagine!  It's really the best thing for a kid.   Now, they still groan and look at me like I have three heads when I say "fantastic," but when I walk away I usually find them engaged in something by the time I'm back in the room.
If I get several of the "I'm bored" comments then I start listing off housework.  That gets rid of them pretty fast!

This summer my plan is to not have a plan.  My kids do like schedules and I'm going to suggest they make their own schedule if comforts them to do so.  I'm just gonna roll with it.  My daughter is taking two short camps through our local ASD support place but other than that it's all water fights and deep sea adventures on the hammock at my house.  Blissful chaos!

Personally I hope to get a bit of reading in and drink a lot of iced coffee.  Iced coffee and reading really is the best thing to do for the summer.  Theme parks and long vacations are way overrated.  Plus, that was last summer... this one is the summer of boredom and I can't wait!